Rural roads in East Tennessee contain many train crossings that do not have swing arms to prevent cars from crossing in front of a train. The result can be tragic collisions that cause death or permanent injury.


At The Cantrell Law Firm, our attorneys understand the issues that are involved in train accident cases. Our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients in cases of personal injury and wrongful death.


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Liability & Train Accidents

Proving liability in a train accident case requires a prompt investigation of the circumstances surrounding the collision.


Possible causes of the accident may include:


 • Malfunctioning crossing lights

 • Vegetation obscuring the crossing or lights

 • Failure by the engineer to sound the train's horn


If the railroad is responsible for the accident, the victims may be entitled to compensation for everything they have lost in the accident. Passengers in the vehicle are entitled to seek compensation regardless of who was at fault.


Attorney Dail Cantrell and our legal team will act swiftly to preserve evidence crucial to your case. It's not unusual for railroad companies to take corrective actions, such as trimming vegetation at a crossing, in the first few days following a collision.


Clinton Attorneys for Those Injured in Railroad Accidents

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