Defending Minors in East Tennessee

The area of juvenile law is multi-faceted as it can include actions to protect the child, such as dependency and neglect as well as juvenile delinquency cases. At The Cantrell Law Firm, we handle a wide range of juvenile law matters. These include both criminal defense for juveniles and helping clients in situations of abuse or neglect.


Handling a Wide Range of Juvenile Law Matters

Our Clinton, Tennessee, law firm strives in creating positive solutions in juvenile law cases. These are sensitive issues as they involve minors. In delinquency cases, we believe it is important to consider the future of the child and will do everything we can to help protect that. The same goes for dependency and neglect cases. The common thread in all these juvenile matters is to keep in mind the best interest of each and every child.


To discuss your juvenile law case in a free and confidential consultation, please contact us online. You can also reach one of our experienced Clinton juvenile crime attorneys by calling 865-457-9100.


Topics related to juvenile law include:


 • Dependency and neglect

 • Juvenile delinquency

 • Termination of parental rights

 • Paternity


Juvenile Delinquency: Drug Possession, Underage DUI & Underage Drinking

Minors (those under the age of 18) who have been charged with a crime in Tennessee generally face it in juvenile court. There are extreme cases, such as the nature of the charge and circumstances surrounding it, that may lead to a prosecutor to try a minor as an adult. However, these are more serious cases.


Our Clinton juvenile crime attorneys can effectively defend your child in all types of criminal charges, including:


 • Drug charges

 • Underage drinking

 • Underage DUI charges

 • Truancy

 • Vandalism

 • Shoplifting

 • Assault

 • Dependency & Neglect


Proceedings can be brought forth in juvenile court when a child is being abused or neglected. While they can be initiated by concerned relatives, caretakers or teachers, they are often conducted at the request of the Department of Children's Services (DCS). Whether you are the parent and need an experienced Clinton criminal defense lawyer against such allegations or are the concerned party, we can help make sure your child's best interests are maintained.

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