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Personal Injury Claims after Animal Attacks

Under Tennessee law, dog owners are strictly liable if their pets cause injury. You are entitled to compensation even if the animal has never bitten, chased or acted viciously before. By the same token, all owners of pets or livestock are liable when people are injured by their animals.


Dog Bite Injuries · Accidents Involving Animals

Despite the favorable laws, you should contact a Clinton dog bite injury attorney if someone in your family was attacked or injured by an animal. The legal team at The Cantrell Law Firm will make sure that you are fully compensated for the physical, financial and emotional harm.


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Compensation for Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

There is no such thing as "one free bite." If you or your child was bitten by a dog, our Clinton dog bite attorneys can detail a claim for the injuries and losses, including:


 • Treatment of bite or claw wounds

 • Infections

 • Scars or disfigurement

 • Nerve damage or disability

 • Emotional trauma

 • Lost wages


The same liability applies to attacks by other animals. You might have a claim against the person's homeowners policy if you were kicked by a horse, clawed by a cat, or bitten by a snake or exotic pet.


Indirect Injuries & Accidents Caused by Animals

Animal owners have a duty to keep their animals leashed, fenced, indoors or otherwise contained.


If an animal gets loose or is allowed to roam free, that owner is responsible for any resulting injuries, as from:


 • Colliding with a cow or horse in the road

 • Swerving off the road to avoid hitting someone's animal

 • Falling while running away from a dog

 • Being knocked down by a "friendly" dog


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Even if the animal's owner is a relative or neighbor, we can help you secure insurance coverage for the harm you have suffered.

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